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wheredmypianogo asked:

Hey, how have you set up your live set? I noticed that during your Triple J Mix Up set you were somehow using the knob at the bottom of your K2 to scroll through Live's browser, and pressing one button seemed to delete a song and replace it when the next set of clips? How did that work? I'm intrigued by your ability to do these things that don't seem to have been done before!


Hey ! I use a software called Bome’s MIDI Translator Pro. It enables me to program macros that transforms MIDI input from the controller into a series of keyboard/mouse movement.

I also make Bome’s send MIDI back into the controller to flick lights of different colors on and off, so I have feedback. That way, I only have to look at the computer screen to navigate my song/samples collection, everything else is readable on the hardware.

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